Private companies are illiquid due to their very nature but that doesn’t mean you have to wait for a liquidity event before realising some returns. Some positions we represent are structured so that they pay an income or dividend.Learn More
The Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) is a series of tax reliefs designed to encourage investments in unquoted companies within the UK. The EIS offers both income tax and capital gains tax relief as well as inheritance tax exemptions.Learn More
Of course the end game with privates is capital growth. We only represent companies that are out of development, close to product launch or in profit. We aim to achieve an ideal risk/reward profile for each investment opportunity. Learn More

Why Choose Us?

  • Designated point of contact - we will listen to your needs and only approach you with positions that fit your investment profile
  • Handpicked companies - we handpick the companies that we represent, representing only the best that fulfill our strict criteria
  • Open door policy - we only work with companies that offer an open door policy to their investors either via phone or direct visit
  • We’re here for the long haul - we will keep you informed on the company’s progress right up until exit
  • Proven track record - throughout our network we have a proven track record, both from the perspective of the investor and the company raising funds


What a refreshing change … the team at CIN listen to my preferences and keep me fully informed on my positions …
They follow their key phrase ‘transparency is key’ to the letter … an honest open dialogue, not the usual smoke and mirror operation that I’ve had the misfortune of dealing with
CIN helped to diversify my portfolio. I’m very happy with the progress of the EIS positions I have invested in and following a recent ‘winner’ very excited about the future
… very impressed with the quality of the companies CIN represent. The positions are well thought out, in some cases profitable, businesses that require further growth capital … highly recommended
Gaining access to strong private companies can prove difficult. The team at Consortium Investment Network have a made it a pain free exercise … I am very excited about the progress of my private company portfolio