We aim to make the investment process as ‘pain-free’ as possible but we do run our operations to strict FCA guidelines.

The investment process follows this model:

  • Initial contact with one of our team
  • The potential investor must qualify as either a Self Certified Sophisticated Investor or a High-Net Worth Individual under the FCA guidelines for us to be able to discuss any investment proposals
  • Once we have ascertained that the potential investor qualifies we can discuss the projects that we are currently representing
  • If the project meets the investment criteria of the individual we will ask the company in question to post a full document set, including the funding proposal, to the investor’s address
  • Once the investor has read the material and carried out any due diligence they deem fit we will aim to answer any questions or queries
  • We encourage investors to visit the Directors of the company if geographically possible. We only work with companies that offer an open door policy to the investing public
  • Once completely satisfied the investor fills out the application form and posts everything back including payment in the form of a cheque directly to the company
  • There is no middleman and no commission to pay. All of the investor’s capital goes to the company and buys the requested amount of shares
  • The investor receives a call from the company they are investing in confirming the details of their application
  • A letter of acknowledgement is sent by the company
  • The company’s appointed share registrar sends the share certificates to the investor
  • We at the Consortium Investment Network, alongside the company in question, keep the investor up to date with any developments with their investment right up until exit